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The Age of Magic

The Age of Magic is a long, currently ongoing, comic set in the more modern times of Midgard. In an age when magic coexists with steam powered machines, the story follows the not so everyday life of Anne White a young knight who is also a mage. Follow her adventures and witness how the world revolves when greater forces begin to move. This is not the end, this is only the beginning…

Chapters: 11 | Pages: 241

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She Who Killed the Immortal King

She Who Killed The Immortal King

This comic is set in the Kingdom of Thennia which is one of the easternmost countries of Continental Midgard, ruled by King Proporone. Everyday life is peaceful in Thennia. People live their everyday lives in relative prosperity. One day however the royal court gets a terrible message from the western cities. Thennia was attacked by Fjall, a neighbouring country. This is where this story starts.

Pages: 168

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