2018 August Website Update


We’re working hard on making the prints of the first volume of Tales of Midgard: The Age of Magic a reality, but we recently noticed that talesofmidgard.com loaded rather slow. While the prints are important, we’re still first and foremost a webcomic, and slow load times are fairly annoying, thus we decided to concentrate on this problem first. In the past months, we made a lot of changes to ensure that talesofmidgard.com loads at a reasonable speed.

The changes we made include erasing duplicate code, clearing out our database, compressing images, updating some backend systems, clearing up jumbled code, getting a working CDN and many other things. As a result, talesofmidgard.com should load faster now. We hope that you’ll also enjoy the faster load times while browsing anything on our site. Have fun reading!

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