Hi All!

Recently a lot of small things changed on talesofmidgard.com. This post contains a list of all the small changes that happened.

The first change is actually a comic page change. Chapter 13 Page 5 was changed, the frame of the window was originally brown and we missed that there, but now it’s the correct color.

The second change is on the Comics Library and on the Home page. The latest chapter button now takes you to the coverpage of the 13th chapter.

We added the Valentine’s Day bonus image to the Comic Specials section of the Comics Library, so you can now also find that image there as well.

The Comics Library has another change. The page count on the Tales of Midgard the Age of Magic section was way off. We corrected it and we’ll try to keep it up to date as we go on. We also adjusted the page count on the Comic Specials section.

Another minor change happened on the Contact page. You can find a link to every social media site we have, except Youtube was missing here. It’s true that our Youtube channel is not exactly active, but we hope to have an update there as well in the future.

We also changed a link on the Advertise with us page. You can use Google AdWords to advertise on talesofmidgard.com, but the link to it was not pointing to the correct site. We changed this and it now links to the correct site.

There’s another change to the ads. When no ad is displayed for one reason or another a backup image is shown in place. This used to be the chapter release dates for the first volume, but since those chapters are up for quite a time now and we’re using a different update schedule we changed these images to simply show that updates happen every week on Fridays.

Finally, we made a change in the text below every comic page. The text mentioned that the comic is created by two people: Liz and Attila. The text here changed so that it no longer contains Liz’s pen name. It used to, but that occasionally caused confusion by suggesting that Tales of Midgard was made by more than two people.

That is about everything we changed. Hope these changes make browsing talesofmidgard.com a better experience. Have fun reading!