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About Attila Polyák, Writer of the comics

I am Attila, the writer and self-proclaimed marketing-guy of Tales of Midgard. It’s not that I always wanted to be an author/writer or anything like that, but I like doing creative stuff, coming up with ideas and so on. When I was asked by Liz to put together a story for her to draw I said yes, and after a while, I came up with the concept for a story, which somehow got “out of hand” and really grew on me. The story, or more like the entire world, soon became alive and it simply wrote itself. Not long after we decided to make several stories set within one world. This way we plan on having one “main” long story in comic format, several shortish (200- pages) comics and written short stories.

When I’m not dealing with Tales of Midgard related things I either play games or try my best in game design, my other hobby.

Favorite Comic

  • Garfield

  • Koudelka

  • Tower of God

Favorite Comic Artist

  • Jim Davis

  • Kentaro Miura

  • Dana Simpson

Favorite Movie

  • 300

  • Interstellar

  • Princess Mononoke

Favorite Actor

  • Sean Connery

  • Charlie Chaplin

  • Jackie Chan

Favorite Book

  • Dune

  • The Lord of the Rings

  • Brave New World

Favorite Song

  • Nightquest by Nightwish

  • Through The Looking Glass by Machinae Supremacy

  • Hell March by Frank Klepacki

Favorite Video Game

  • Chrono Trigger

  • Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

  • Transistor

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