About Tales of Midgard comics

Tales of Midgard is a collection of fantasy stories, mostly comics, set in the world of Midgard, which is not the same as in Norse mythology, but if you are vigilant enough you’ll find a reference or two here and there. While all stories are set in the same world, the actual settings for each individual tale vary a lot. Depending on the time and age of a story, the settings of some might be more modern than others.

The “main” storyline, titled The Age of Magic, will be about the adventures of a young knight named Anne White. Her story will be a very long one. While this comic goes on we plan on making other shorter comics as well. For more info on our comics check out the Comics Library section.

While most of our stuff here will be comics, we also plan on having a few short stories as well. These short, written, novelish stories will in one way or another be related to the comics, but they’ll be enjoyable without reading the comics beforehand. If you fancy tales that are about a few thousand words long head to the Short Stories and check them out!

We hope you find something interesting here. Have fun with Tales of Midgard!

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