19 05, 2017

Rescheduling updates from 22 May 2017

By |2018-05-26T15:43:47+02:00May 19th, 2017|Comic related|0 Comments

Hello Everyone! So as most of you have already noticed we were late with chapter 10. Because of this the start of the one page a day updates was also delayed. We finished and uploaded chapter 10 yesterday, which you can read here or on Tapas, therefore our next goal is the front cover of [...]

13 05, 2017

Chapter 10 on halt for 2-3 days

By |2018-05-26T15:42:24+02:00May 13th, 2017|Comic related|0 Comments

Hello Everybody! There’s bad news for chapter 10. This weeks chapter will be late for at least 2-3 days. We might reconsider the one page every day even weekends approach and try a one page a day every weekday, but that’s still up in the air. Have fun reading! (as soon as we have the chapter [...]

9 05, 2017

Work in Progress: Chapter 10

By |2018-05-26T15:41:46+02:00May 9th, 2017|Comic related|0 Comments

Hello Everyone! This is the regular WIP post where we show off the progress of the current chapter, which is chapter 10. This will be the final chapter of book1. Our current progress is a bit behind schedule, but we hope to finish and upload this chapter properly until Friday. Have fun reading! [...]

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