Hi Everybody!

Chapter 7 is done and online. A full update of 22 pages ready for you to read right now! As usual, you can read it here on talesofmidgard.com or on Tapastic.

We also have to make an apology. This update was supposed to hit yesterday, sorry for this delay. So what happened? Liz started making the art for this chapter a bit late, which would not have been a problem if nothing hindered her in drawing. But… When something can go wrong they will. Of course, they will. On Wednesday her Cintiq started malfunctioning. The pen occasionally didn’t draw a line while she was drawing, meanwhile other times it simply drew a straight line instead of following her lines. This resulted in everything that was in one way or another related to drawing to be a lot slower. We hope it’s just a driver issue, which can be easily resolved, although we don’t know yet what caused the Cintiq to behave this way.

Anyways, we hope you like this chapter as well. Have fun reading!