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Couples’ Day Shopping!~

Artist note:
Anne and Erik are not a couple, ad there is a chance the never will but, but join me and ship these two together!

1Merchant: 50% discount!!
1Anne: !!
1Anne: That’s a lot!

2Merchant: What a lovely couple!
2Merchant: Come closer!
2Merchant: For only today, I give 50% discount for couples!~

3Erik: But we’re not…
3: *grab*
3Anne: We’re not together for long.
3Anne: Actually this is our first time together shopping.
3Erik: What?
3Anne: That’s why he is a little shy...
3Anne: Am I right Erik, darling?!

4Erik: What a liar…
4Anne: Such a nice colour! How much?

5Merchant: With the discount, it will be 1000R!
5Anne: Ouhh.. Anyways I wanted to get some new clothes.

6Erik: *smirk*

7Erik: Then what about that one?
7Erik: Looks reaaally good.
7Erik: Reap what you sow!
7Anne: Ehh…So-orry, but that’s not my colour…
7Anne: Aa-and look at the price!
7Narration: See through negligee.

8Erik: But I would love to see it on you! At any cost!
8Anne: W-would you?
8Merchant: You can try it, if you want!
8Erik: Yes! Just think about it!
8Erik: With your magic, you can wear it in no time!

9Erik: Am I right darling?

10Anne: Erik it’s not funny!! --- I’m going home!

11Merchant: So can I pack the nightwear, Sir?
11Erik: No. The little green one please.

Happy Valentine’s Day for everyone!
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