↓ Transcript
1Erik: Seems like we still have about an hour. Let's revise our plan, and after that I'm off to prepare for plan B.
1Anne: You really want me to have a horrible day, don't you?
1Erik: Just fun and laughter, you know.
1Anne: *sigh*
2Erik: Let's see...
2Erik: Here, you'll enter the city through the east gate and head towards the main street.
2Erik: Your timing has to be perfect, as you must reach the main road when the guards do, so you can snatch the box away from them and we're done.
2Anne: Hey hey... Isn't that a bit rash?
2Erik: Nah.
2Erik: And besides, Anne, once you have the box all you have to do is run. Three streets down, turn right and twelve streets till the northern wall.
2Erik: If you can ditch the guards, you leave through the merchants' entrance to the north and success, if not, then plan B time.
2Erik: You turn left and head towards the old watermill in the northeastern side of the city. Run up in there and have your little dramatic exit.
2Anne: Plan B, yeah right...