↓ Transcript
1Magiknight: Oh my god?! Did she just JUMP?
1Magiknight: So it seems...
1Magiknight: That's SUICIDE! The river runs too wild for all that heavy armor.
2: *steps*
3Magiknight: Report!
4Magiknights: Sir! Yes, Sir!
4Magiknight: A woman of unknown origin stole the Dyrian info box at the crossing of the Main Street and Ost street. We chased her from there, but couldn't catch her.
5Magiknight: She tried to use one of the northern merchant tunnels, but we blocked her off there, that's when she ran towards this watermill.
5Magiknight: I fought her on the way here, but she slipped away. We, of course, ran after her, but she was faster. When we finally caught up to her here, she simply jumped out.