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1Magiknight: So what are you waiting for? After her NOW!
2Magiknight: Sir, the thing is, she was wearing heavy equipment. Full plating to be exact. There is no way she is still alive.
2Magiknight: I've got a bad feeling about this.
3Magiknight: A bad feeling? Do you think she escaped alive?
3Magiknight: No, I don't think that’s possible. Still...
3Magiknight: I can't explain. I'm sorry Sir.
4Magiknight: One way or another...
4Magiknight: Zac! You go and find divers in town. Dead or alive, we'll need someone to look for her underwater.
4Magiknight: Yes, Sir!
4Magiknight: Armand! You'll go and inform the others about this and send them out to scout the river shores. If she is alive, then she had to drift ashore somewhere.
4Magiknight: Yes, Sir!