↓ Transcript
1Erik: My plans? Haven't really thought about them. I'll probably take on another assignment if I find one that suits me.
1Anne: Work huh? Well that is so like you.
1Erik: Guess so...
1Erik: I'd prefer a more peaceful job than the last one.
2Anne: I never really understood this about you.
2Erik: What?
2Anne: Well... You ARE strong, skillful, in general amazing.
2Anne: Yet most of the times you do low rank missions. Why?
2Erik: The lower the rank, the easier the mission.
2Erik: Although I am absolutely able, I'm not really the tryhard kinda person.
2Erik: And even with C+ and B rank missions I make a lot of money. More than I need.
3Anne: Yeah, that's all true, but it still feels kind of like a waste.
3Erik: Maybe it is. I don't know, but I'm quite satisfied this way.
3Erik: I think once we hand the box in I'll immediately look for a new job.
3Erik: Want to come and see, maybe you'll be interested in something too.
3Anne: It can't hurt to check, but I probably won't take on any of the missions.
3Erik: Sure, decide once you've seen what you can choose from.