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1Anne: ... and this is what we had to retrieve.
1Administrator: Yes. Good job doing so.
1Administrator: This means a whole sum of 900000R, or 450000 for each of you. How would you like your payment cash or credit?
2Anne: Fifty-fifty split.
2Erik: Credit.
2Administrator: Understood. Here you go.
2Erik: A split? That is almost a rational decision with money?!
2Administrator: And if I may have a bit of your time, I'd like to inform you about a special request of the Dyrian Royal Court. Let me read it for you...
3Letter: Dear Urs mage guildhall! The Royal Court of Dyr formally requests your aid in an upcoming diplomatic mission towards our dear friend and ally Fridr. Sir Mannfred Aatos Egon will be sent on this mission, and we are looking for two escorts for him. We'd be really overjoyed if one of the escorts could be Lady Anne White, as she is not only an able mage of rank B but also a squad leader within the Dyrian Knight's Order. Please notify us as soon as possible about the escorts provided for Sir Mannfred's mission. Yours faithfully, Graham Adams, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.
4Erik: Wooow. This is great news. I bet you're already excited about this.
4Anne: It's more like i don't have the faintest of idea why I should be so perfect for this mission.