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1Anne: These won't do...
1Anne: That seems to be fine, but it's expensive.
2Storekeeper: Can I help you?
2Anne: I'm looking for an orb, but I'm not exactly sure what I want.
3Anne: I need to make orbcalls, and I want a map function, those two are a given. But I'd like to have more, however I can only spend about 200000R.
3Storekeeper: Let me see what I have...
4Storekeeper: There is the standard orb. Which has the orbcall, map and the storage function.
4Storekeeper: You can fit a lot of items in such an orb, but you probably know this, and you're looking for something special.
4Storekeeper: As magicore technologies advance more and more functions can be added into the orbs.
4Storekeeper: The newest commercial orb function is the compass, a common extension to the map.
4Storekeeper: There are other popular orb functions too here, such as light, clock or record.
4Storekeeper: Do you have anything in mind?