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1Kid: Master Rakki!
1Kid: We've been waiting for you.
1Alex: Now now... Calm down, we'll get started right away, but first I'll tell you about the test.
1Alex: Baldr's test is the most basic test to measure one's potential in magic.
1Alex: It consists of two parts, the test of water and the test of wind.
2Alex: By using the four basic aspects of magic, which you all know you'll have two simple tasks. In the test of water you have to move the water in the small cup, and in the test of wind you simply have to envoke wind.
2Alex: The test of water measures the potential of your esopool, while the test of wind is a rough estimate of one's skills.
5Alex: These numbers in front of you show the order in which you'll take the test.
5Alex: Now everyone sit down and prepare yourselves we'll begin in a few moments.