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1Alex: Now now, everyone, calm down. I think many of you are simply shocked as to what they saw here, but I can assure you all, this is absolutely normal, only a bit uncommon.
1Alex: Let me explain what you just saw.
1Alex: Usually people who became mages are either good at all aspects of magic, or bad at them.
2Alex: This means, that those that are gifted have a vast esopool, well developed skills, naturally good efficiency and so on, while those who aren't good have the short end of the stick in all of these. Small variance of course happens, but all these properties scale similarly.
3Alex: There are others however, who have an unbelievable amount of eso, but have almost no skills to use this amount of energy with or have hardly any energy in their esopool, but are still incredibly skilled.
4Alex: What you witnessed is young Amy here, who while has a very small esopool, is still very skilled.
4Person: So how skilled is she exactly?
4Alex: That is difficult to tell from such a rough test, but from what we just saw, she is about as skilled now as an average C rank mage, maybe a little bit better.