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1Narration: Later...
1Alex: So Anne...
1Alex: How did you like this month's test?
1Anne: Number three was interesting. It is rather unusual to see someone like me.
1Anne: Aside from her however, it was rather boring.
1Alex: Yes. I agree with you.
1Alex: And this is the reason why I want you to help me.
2Anne: Help you? How could I help you?
2Alex: There are countless ways for a talented individual such as you to help the academy.
2Alex: I could mention quite a few departments here that'd be grateful for your help, but let me tell you about the two most pressing matters in the academy.
2Alex: We lack people who can show actual battle skills. Don't misunderstand me, the teachers here are all powerful mages, but they usually lack battle experience.
2Alex: Normally this would be a good thing, as this means Dyr was at peace for a long time, but it is difficult to teach the youngsters battle without actual experience.
2Alex: This would mostly involve a few showcases about your skills... What you do, how you do it and why.
2Alex: As simple as that.
3Alex: The other thing is...
3Alex: Well, if I'm not mistaken you've yet to have a student of your own. I was thinking if you could...
3Anne: You want me to have an apprentice?!
3Anne: ... to be a teacher?!