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1Alex: Yes and no.
1Alex: I do want you to teach a single student in our academy, but I don't want you to became a teacher here.
2Anne: But...? I'm a bit confused...
3Alex: Amy Odiss.
3Alex: Don't you think she is similar to you?
4Anne: We do have some similarities, but...
4Alex: I understand that you're surprised and don't know what to say.
4Alex: It's not like a master apprentice relationship is something common nowadays for E rank mages,
4Alex: however I think it'd be good to have a small reform in the education of magic.
5Alex: I'd like to reintroduce parts of the old system while keeping the current one.
5Alex: As you know the current system is a standardised mass-educational system, while the old one was just simply masters having as many students as they wanted.
5Alex: I think both systems have advantages and disadvantages, but if we'd combine these two together we'd get an even better one.
6Alex: My idea is to have the basics taught in the way it is currently, while having a master separately from the classroom type education, who teach the apprentices in the most appropriate fashion suited for the individuals.
6Alex: This way we...
6Anne: Wait wait wait!