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1Anne: Erik?
1Erik: Anne! You've got a new orb.
1Anne: Sure have.
2Anne: Um... If I remember correctly we have yet to report about our mission... If you have time could you come to the mage guild?
2Erik: Sure, when?
2Anne: I'm at Urs Academy now, I'll be at the mage guild in about ten minutes.
2Erik: I'll be there by then. Bye.
2Anne: Bye.
3Anne: Hi!
3Erik: Good day, how are you?
4Anne: Yesterday I met Rakki...
4Anne: And he immediately got me mixed up in his stuff, so now I kinda have a momjob.
4Erik: You? A momwhat?
5Anne: Well one of his students is a street child, and I happen to be her mentor or guardian or I don't even know.
5Erik: You of all people? Sounds like a horrible choice.
5Anne: oh thank you, great compliment there...
6Erik: We're here, hope you'll be able to present that theory of yours in a convincing way.
6Anne: Yeah.