↓ Transcript
1Amy: Lemme see! Lemme see!!
1Anne: Ok, one sec.
2Anne: Here.
2Amy: Ooooooh!
2Amy: Ummm... What do these mean?
2Anne: I’ll explain one by one, and give my opinion on each.
3Anne: The first one is the esopool. Eso is the unit of magic energy. The esopool is quite simply the amount of eso your body can hold. To be frank this seems to be your weak point. Or...
3Anne: 4989 is more like horrible. Usually E rank mages have an esopool of 10000, but 15000 is not that uncommon either. Luckily for you with hard work you can improve your capabilities regarding your esopool.
3Anne: Any questions so far?
3Amy: Um... Well... What is an E rank mage? You called me that yesterday as well, but... What does it mean?
3Amy: 4989 is horrible?
4Anne: Oh, mage ranks... That is a simple question.
4Anne: Mages everywhere around the world have ranks based on their abilities. The normal ranks go from E to A, and there are two special ranks.
4Anne: E rank is the rank of the beginner mages, while A is the mastermage rank, the highest possible rank for normal people.
4Anne: Once a mage is good enough the mage guild appoints a + rank. The + means that the mage is ready to take an exam for the next rank.
4Anne: For example once you finish your studies in the academy you’ll be an E+ mage, or if things go really well a D rank mage.
4Amy: What rank are you?