↓ Transcript
1Anne: Me?
1Anne: I’m a B rank mage.
1Amy: Woow. That is great, you’re unbelievable Anne!
1Anne: Not really.
2Anne: Remember what I told you just a moment ago about the special ranks?
2Anne: There is a rank above the A rank, which is the S rank, or the archmage rank. Being an S rank mage means being the best of the best. And when I say best I do mean it, currently throughout the whole of Midgard there are only seven archmages.
3Anne: Honestly, anyone who reaches A+ rank is amazing. That basically means they are good enough to try the archmage test, which is no small feat.
3Anne: Now let’s go on to the next one, range.
3Amy: Wait, wait! What about the other special rank?
4Anne: Oh... That is rank 0. This rank has a number in it, not a letter, because it doesn’t represent actual strength, but rather an attitude to magic. Rank 0 mages are usually healers, or people who specialize in construction magic. From the entire ranking system you may have already guessed, that mages are often treated as part of the military, even though a mage is officially not part of the army.
4Anne: And now range!
5Anne: Range is also a simple one. It means how far you can cast magic. And...
5Anne: 17 meters is quite a lot. Normally you’d see similar statistics for a C rank mage. So in this regard you’re probably ahead of others.
5Amy: Yep, I’m cool too.
5Anne: This range alone does not define your actual range. Just think a bit without magic.
5Anne: Range is like your arms. But, if you hold on to let’s say a stone you can throw this stone farther than your reach.
5Anne:The same applies to spells, while you can only incant spells within your range there is nothing holding you back from launching them further.