↓ Transcript
1Anne: Any questions for range?
1Anne: None, good then the next one is Standard Cast Time.
2Anne: Standard cast time is the amount of time needed to use all four of the four basic aspects of magic once. 0.4 seconds is really good.
2Anne: This does not mean that someone with a better value casts spells faster than someone with a worse one as spells differ, however if two people with different values cast the exact same spell under the exact same conditions the one with the better value will be faster.
2Anne: While 0.4 seconds is excellent for an E rank mage, it doesn’t mean a whole lot.
3Anne: Once you learn spellcrafting you’ll understand that the speed of actual spellcasting is determined by a lot of factors, and many of these have little to nothing to do with the mage who is casting spells.
3Anne: Questions?
3Amy: None.
3Anne: Good, the next one is Efficiency Ratio, which is a bit complicated.
3Anne: All spells, and even magic without spells requires some magic energy, eso. Efficiency Ratio is how good you spend your eso when you cast spells.
3Anne: For example if a spell costs 100 eso and you have an Efficiency Ratio of 50%, then to cast the spell you’ll actually need 200 eso.
3Anne: Is this clear?
3Amy: Yes, but what is this good for?
4Anne: For knowing your limits. For example in your case, could you cast a spell that requires exactly 4000 eso? Let’s do the step by step math to find out.
4Anne: Your Efficiency Ratio is 79%, so 79% is 4000 eso. The actual eso you need is always 100%, so 100% would be 4000/0.79. That is about 5050, more than the maximum eso in your esopool.
4Amy: Whaaaat? Too... Much... Math...
4Anne: This might sound complicated, but it is important to know if you can cast a spell or not.
4Anne: Spells that you started to cast, but can’t finish because you lack eso will usually backfire, and the rebound effect can be quite devastating.
5Anne: The next, and last for now is the Recovery Time.
5Anne: Which is again a simple one. It is the time your body requires to recover as much eso as you can store in your esopool. Basically from zero to maximum. This is all we’ll need for now. The rest is something you’ll learn during your classes with your teachers.
5Anne: Any questions?
5Amy: Just one. Could you tell me what this cube would show for you?