↓ Transcript
1Anne: The first and probably most important thing you have to realize is, you will not be able to compete with other mages in raw power because you have a much smaller esopool than them.
1Anne: However you can best them in other aspects, such as the speed you cast your spells, or the ability to use more complicated spells than others.
1Anne: Let me show you.
3Anne: This is a simple summoning spell. It is used to get objects from a long distance.
3Anne: Normally a B rank mage would need several seconds to do this, what's more as it is a rather complex spell most people can’t really move around doing this.
3Amy: Wow!
3Anne: As for me...
4Anne: Well... I’m used to doing this and I am rather good at it.
4Amy: You are awesome! I knew it!
4Anne: Maybe a bit... Anyways, the important lesson here is, people like you and me can’t rely on excessive eso usage. We have to utilise our advantages, such as being able to do spells that require more skill.
5Anne: The most common skill excessive spells are:
Healing spells
Space distortion spells
Spiritual or mind affecting spells
5Amy: All those complicated words again...
5Anne: Mages like us should specialise in these types of magic.
5Anne: This doesn’t mean that we can’t do other types of magic, such as elemental magic, which is really common, or magicrafting,
5Anne: but in these fields we have a rather great disadvantage because of our limited esopool.