↓ Transcript
1Anne: Now... I’d like you to use up all your eso, from max to zero, at least once a day, starting tomorrow. This will not help that much, but every bit counts.
1Amy: Um... I’ll try, but I can’t promise.
2Anne: Something’s wrong?
2Amy: No, nothing, it’s just that I’ll need some of my magic for work with Mr. Krops.
3Anne: That can’t be helped. But please do this exercise as often as you can. Come to think of it I didn’t even ask, what do you do at Mr. Krops’ shop?
3Amy: He wants me to test the magitools he makes.
3Amy: He said something about the first activation of magitools that I didn’t really understand,
3Amy: but even after I told him this, he said that I’ll surely be able to do what he asks me, but I’ll need magic to do it, so...
3Anne: I see...
4Anne: Well one way or another, for the last thing we need to do today we have to go to the library of the academy. You’ll need a few books.
4Amy: Books? What kind of books?
4Anne: To be able to choose what types of magic you’ll specialise in, you have to know the types first right?
4Anne: So we’ll look for a few books describing skill excessive magic.