↓ Transcript
1Anne: Fit? How?
1Erik: Let’s assume, that the Crimson Charr Reunification Army did not work on it’s own. Who would be the most likely to support such an organisation from the shadows?
1Erik: Probably people from one of the successor countries of the great Charrian empire. This means people from either Charr, Narr or Tarr.
1Anne: This is all nice and maybe even true, but this does not help with the fact that he had no means to get to Tarr in time...
2Erik: That is why I say it might fit really well to your theory. He was linked to one of these countries, let’s say Tarr. Everyone who thought him to be important knew this, thus him dying there makes sense.
2Erik: But asides from the upper echelons of the Dyrian mage guild, military, and the dyrian royal court and of course the two of us, no one knew that he was wounded and might have died, not to mention that we crossed something big he planned.
2Erik: Now let’s assume something else. Because of us Bjorn messed up big time. So big that whoever supported him from backstage wants him to lay low for a bit.
2Erik: Wouldn’t this be a good opportunity to shout out to the world that he is dead?
3Anne: Yes it would, but in this case it’d make more sense to choose a more realistic location, such as north Charr, or if the place of death has to be Tarr, than a later date...
3Erik: That is a problematic bit about it. Tarr was probably chosen, because the Crimson Charrs were supported from there. As for the date...
3Erik: The only thing I can think of is something big happening in the near future, and the Crimson Charrs were in the way of it.