↓ Transcript
1Egon: Let’s find lodging here tonight.
1Anne: All right.
2:*Knock knock*
4Erik: We’d like to stay for the night. Three people all together
4Local: Did you hear the rumors?
4Local: About the missing people?
4Local: Yeah... Gruesome things happen to those who enter the forests. Years ago this madness stopped, when mages from Fridr came and did something there, but now...
4Local: Thing are looking bad again...
4Local: You said it!
5Local: But what happened? The disappearings started about two years ago, till then everything was fine.
5Local: No idea, but the local ranger’s gone mad, he talks about eerie creatures in the woods. Well... No one believes him and his nonsense about wolves with insect legs, but who knows, he might be saying the truth.
5Local: I don’t know... My father used to tell me tales about the Sköll and Hati, two wolves that lived in these forests... It was creepy as people kept disappearing back then too. But I always thought those were just weird fairy tales...
6Local: Do you think they aren’t?
6Local: You said the ranger was talking about wolves.
6Local: Beasts...
6Local: Still, don’t you think it’s an odd coincidence?