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1Clarice: What can I do now?
1Innkeeper: If your son really went to the woods there is nothing to be done.
1Clarice: He is my only son, I can’t just leave him!
2Egon: My dear lady I happened to hear your story, and I think I could help
2Erik: I don’t like this.
2Anne: Nor do I.
3Egon: Me and my companions will help you find your lost child!
3Clarice: Thank you very much kind Sir!
4Mercenary Leader: You guys look like foreigners... with a deathwish.
4Mercenary Leader: Well whatever, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.
4Narration: What lies in the forests of Holrheim...?
4Narration: The story continues in chapter 14: In the forest