↓ Transcript
1Egon: So Mrs...? Why do you think your son went this way?
1Clarice: I’m Clarice Aurel, I run the local shops.
1Clarice: My boy is very smart and we can afford proper education for him. He goes to the local doctor for lectures. He always passes here, since the doctor lives down the road.
1Clarice: This morning he was rather late. As he ran, he forgot his lunch. I finished what I was doing and went after him. When I got here, I saw his bag lying here. The first thing that came to my mind is that he went to the forest, so I rushed to the inn to look for help.
1Egon: I see... He must have gone to the forest...
1Anne: How on earth did you get to that conclusion?
2Clarice: But how will we, only four people, find him in such a big forest?
2Egon: My companions are able mages, I’m certain they have the appropriate spells for finding people under such circumstances.
2Clarice: I’m relieved. Let’s go and find my son!
3Erik: I do admire your enthusiasm Mrs. Clarice, and I do not mean to be rude, but I think it’d be wise for you and Sir Mannfred to stay here. I’m not sure we can protect you, if there is really something in these woods. Besides if your son comes back someone has to be here.
3Egon: Well spoken Erik, except that I’ll be the one leading this expedition, while Mrs. Clarice stays here, and informs us if her son comes back. Have this mini orb, and call us if anything happens.
4Anne: I can’t see how this can go well...