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3Anne: Nothing here.
3Anne: Like a needle in a haystack...
6Anne: Sir Mannfred...
6Anne: I know it’s not for me to decide, or even to have word, but why did you decide to help so suddenly? Isn’t it a bit rash?
7Egon: Rash...
7Egon: That is a nice word, and it suits my decision. How much do you know of Dyrs foreign affairs?
7Anne: Pardon?
8Egon: Foreign affairs, such as alliances, trade agreements, or just the general alignment of other countries towards Dyr.
8Anne: About as much as the general public, Sir. Of course I know that Ilial and Fridr are our greatest allies, and they have been since forever, but... What does this have to do with our current situation?
8Egon: Oh, it has very much to do with it.