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1Egon: You know, I’m one to help anyone if I’m asked to begin with, even strangers. But this situation is different. We got a great opportunity here on our hands, and with the current position of Dyr we have to harness every opportunity as much as we can.
1Egon: Building up the relationship between countries is not a simple task.
2Anne: I beg your pardon Sir, but I don’t quite understand.
3Egon: Well Miss White, you see, in politics there is concept called center of power. The Dyrian Royal Court usually identifies the most advanced, or most important parts of Midgard as centers.
3Egon: For example Fridr and Ilial are the wealthiest and most powerful countries in the whole of Midgard. They are both considered centers. Another example would be Straumrheim, for simply harboring the headquarters of all of the mage guilds. Zent and Grann, the two most industrialised countries, who give most of the advanced technological production of the world... These are all considered centers.
3Egon: Centers are, in one aspect or another, the node points of the world.
3Egon: But...
4Egon: It pains me to admit that Dyr is usually not treated as a center, thus for us small things such as a simple friendly and respectful relationship with other countries becomes extremely important.
4Egon: And for this, especially if it comes to a neighboring country, we have to work hard, and make decisions that sometimes look illogical.
4Anne: ??