↓ Transcript
1Erik: So what do you know about them?
1Egon: Not much. To be frank about these I do not know anything, but I do know a little about the Sköll.
2Egon: It is a beast that literally consumes magic, and as it does it grows stronger.
2Egon: Legend has it there were two beasts like this, but no one knows anything about the other, not even it’s name.
2Egon: As for this one... Well...
3Egon: About twenty years ago Lady Lucretia Heidr became an archmage.
3Egon: Her first mission was exterminating the Sköll with a group of elite mages from Fridr and Holrheim.
3Egon: I think you can guess whether she was successful or not.
4Erik: So... We’re up against something that survived an archmage. Splendid...
5Erik: Why didn’t you tell us this before?
5Egon: I only realised this once I saw them getting stronger from your magic.
6Erik: Damn!