↓ Transcript
1Anne: How on Earth did this happen? I’m stuck up on a pillar of earth and I’m supposedly talking to an archmage.
1Anne: This can’t be real.
1Lucretia: Anyways, Nix care to explain why we are here?
1: *nod* *nod*
2Nix: You see the Fridrian court is fully aware of the ambassador being Sir Mannfred.
2Nix: And of course they also know about his tendency of getting into unexpectedly bad situations.
2Nix: As mistress Lucretia happened to have some free time she was sent here to ensure the safe arrival of Sir Mannfred.
3Lucretia: You hear that? My FREE time.
3Nix: Yes… She was sent here so no complications can arise.
3Nix: Judging from the fact that you recklessly strolled into the forest of Sköll, this decision was rather justified.
3Nix: Anyways we should get going shouldn’t we?
4Lucretia: Yes, the sooner this nonsense ends the better. Nix, we’ll start with the woman, mind moving into position?
4Anne: Into position?
4Nix: Sure!
5Nix: As you might have guessed the more powerful the mage the more disadvantage it is, so naturally mistress Lucretia is not near here.
5Nix: I am a light spirit summoned by mistress, and due to this I can help her out in situations like this. I function as a sort of beacon.
5Nix: Even if I travel out of mistress’ range she can still cast spells with her full power around me.
5Anne: Spirit?!