↓ Transcript
1Anne: May I ask, what is this feeling?
1Lucretia: Oh this? Just my presence, or more so the presence of my magic.
2Lucretia: Us archmages, and even the better A+ mages, have so much magic within our bodies that it can be felt by others.
2Lucretia: People usually can’t cope with it at first, but with time everyone can get used to this sensation. That said, you’re bearing it quite well, which is a pleasant surprise.
3Lucretia: You are the kind of person I like.
4Anne: Is that even a good thing? It’s probably a praise…
4Anne: But… How come I did not feel anything outside the carriage?
5Lucretia: That’s simple.
5Lucretia: First, it’d be quite the shock for the average people passing by.
5Lucretia: More importantly, us archmages are… How should I put it… Strategically important.
5Lucretia: This is true to such an extent, that concealing our presence and thereby not letting others know where we are is an important tactical factor.
6: *krrik*