↓ Transcript
1Lucretia: Yes, if everything goes right we only have about six hours till we get to the capital.
1Egon: Quite good. Is Lady Fridr currently in Minas Fril?
1Lucretia: As far as I know, yes.
1Egon: Splendid!
2Egon: By the way shouldn’t you have set up some barriers, to suppress your presence?
2Lucretia: No need.
2Lucretia: You know, it’s not like I couldn’t do that on my own, without separate enchantments.
2Lucretia: But it is far more convenient to have a vehicle where I don’t have to specifically concentrate on not being oppressive towards others.
2Egon: I see.
3Erik: Pardon me for my intrusion, but what will be our job during your stay in Minas Fril?
3Egon: Hmm… I highly doubt anything bad could happen there therefor during our stay, you may do as you please. Once we set out back to Dyr you’ll continue your assignment.