↓ Transcript
1Igor: Lady Lucretia! What a pleasant surprise!
2Lucretia: Skip that nonsense smalltalk of yours!
2Lucretia: You know very well you’re not welcome here, so why are you here?
3Igor: Diplomacy of course.
3Igor: You do know that my greatest cause is to reunite my dear homeland. For this I’ll do anything and everything that I am capable of.
3Igor: I am currently here to speak to the Queen of Fridr about this matter… I got here a bit early, so while I am waiting I thought I’d spend some time in these wonderful gardens.
4Lucretia: Say whatever you want, no one will support the reunification of your maddened empire.
5Igor: Oh I think you are mistaken here my dear. I recently visited the Republic of Zent and the Highemperor agreed to assist our cause.
5Igor: Naturally the Highemperor’s will is not supreme, but usually what he wants is accepted by the Council of Zent.