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1Lucretia: And what would you like to do?
1Anne: Hmmm… Probably just some sightseeing. I like walking around and just looking at new places.
1Lucretia: Minas Fril is a good spot for that.
2Lucretia: I suggest the main square. From there you can reach the most interesting parts of this city rather fast.
2Anne: Sure let’s go.
3Lucretia: And what other plans do you have?
3Anne: Not much really, asides from escorting Sir Manfred we did not plan anything, what's more, I never expected to have so much free time.
4Lucretia: Hm… In that case how about a little education now and sightseeing later?
4Anne: What do you mean?
4Lucretia: You could come and have a short tour in the mage guild here. So?
4Anne: Sure, why not... But then again, why?