↓ Transcript
1Anne: This does interest me, but it’s expensive... 480000R... But before that.
1Anne: And how can they be charged?
2Shopkeeper: Like most magitools, these also can be charged by physical contact with a mage.
3Anne: I like it. I'll give you 450000R for one!
3Shopkeeper: It costs 480000R.
3Anne: 455000R!
3Shopkeeper: It costs 480000R.
3Anne: 460000R!
3Shopkeeper: 480000R.
3Anne: 465000R!
3Shopkeeper: 48000...
3Anne: 470000R!
3Shopkeeper: No.
3Anne: 475000R?
3Shopkeeper: ...
3Shopkeeper: Fine. Take it.
3Anne: Yay!
5Anne: That was still expensive. Oh well maybe I should keep this much, I only have 25000R ...
6Anne: ... Hey what's that over there...?!