↓ Transcript
1Narration: Later...
1Anne: Hey Erik! What's up?
1Erik: Not much, I've got everything we'll need till we get home. I also booked tickets for tomorrow, we'll depart in the morning...
1Erik: ... With the August Albatross
1Anne: Isn't that a rather expensive cruise ship, that only travels between Dyr and Ilial?
1Erik: Yep, that’s the one.
2Anne: Woooow.
2Anne: That'll be great.
2Erik: Hope so.
2Erik: Anyways, I'm tired so I guess…
2Erik: Oh wait, you had a message from Sir Alvis.
2Erik: He wants you to send in that yearly report of yours as soon as we arrive in Dyr.
3Anne: Err... ok, thank you for telling me that.
3Erik: No problem. You could really get your orb fixed, or buy a new one. It's not like you don't have enough for it now.
3Anne: Yeah I can totally afford a new one ^^"
3Narration: Has 1540R left.
4Erik: Well whatever, good night.
4Anne: 'Night.