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1Erik: Your yearly what?
2Anne: Checkup papers. This is what the Dyrian Kinght's Order gives out for knight wandering like me,
2Anne: to keep track of our skills, abilities and also our equipment.
2Anne: This is basically used to somewhat measure the combat strength of the knights
2Anne: that are not stationed in barracks around the country.
3Erik: That seems convenient.
3Anne: Yep, it is. Tho... For me, it is quite a lot of paperwork because of the kind of magic I use.
Standard Weapons:
Short sword x4
Broad sword x 14
Great sword x3
Two handed sword x1
Spear x2
Mace x1
Flail x2


Standard armor:
Light leather set 1x
Light plate set 2x
Full plate set 1x
Buckler 1x
Kite shield 2x
Tower shield 1x

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