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1Erik: I'll explain, but let's head back to the harbor. We've got to catch the next ship back.
1Anne: Ok.
2Erik: So you see…
2Erik. Our objective is exactly the same as in our last mission.
2Anne: !!
2Erik: The thing is, that box we got back, was transported on the very same ship that departed after our ship,
2Erik: and it was attacked by pirates...
2Erik: ... and for some reason, they took the box as well.
2Erik: Which kinda makes no sense, as this way
2Erik: we'll know where their hideout is, due to the trackers within it.
3Anne: But why would pirates steal an infobox? Those aren't worth that much.
3Erik: Here's the catch: They are not exactly pirates. The group that raided the ship is the Crimson Charr Reunification Army.
3Erik: They are an extremist group from Charr, who want to reunite Charr, Narr and Tarr, thus rebuilding the Great Charrian Empire, which was defeated and divided by Ilial eighty years ago.
3Erik: Our mission is simple, get the infobox back.