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1Anne: But why the rush then? We know exactly where they are ...
1Erik: Just think for a moment.
1Erik: You are plundering a ship for money...
1Erik: If you don't know what an infobox is, you won't take it,
1Erik. because it doesn't look expensive.
1Erik: If you do know what it is, you won't take it because it can be tracked, thus you can also be tracked.
2Erik: The only logical explanation can be that they plan to use the box
2Erik: in order to achieve something against the owner of it.
2Erik: Probably blackmail or... Maybe I'm overthinking,
2Erik: but anyways, we've got to stop them before they can do whatever they want with it.
3Erik: Ah, we're in time. There's the ship. Let’s get on immediately.
3Anne: Umm... I have a bad feeling about this...
3Erik: This way we'll be in Ilial again by tomorrow,
3Erik: and we can hopefully get the box back in a day or two.
3Anne: Yeah.