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2Anne: Finally… Now what?
2Erik: I'll have a look again, from here I should be able to see everything.
2Erik: But I have to say this place is pretty strange.
3Anne: Why?
3Erik: You probably noticed the ledge like place during our battle with the drake, and... well…
3Erik: TGA had nothing on that. Whatsmore I saw stairs when I tried to look last time, and that is kinda disturbing.
3Anne: Disturbing?
3Erik: Well, the fact that there is another level here is also troubling,
3Erik: but those stairs weren't built or carved. They looked more like magimade structures do. A bit raw for that, but still...
4Erik: And that means at least one other mage is here, who we know nothing about.
4Erik: Let's see what exactly awaits us there.