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1Erik: The hall in front of us is quite large. Altogether it has five exits. Two on our side and three on the other.
1Erik: The camp in the middle is big enough for an army of four hundred.
1Erik: It is quite well built, and has been there for quite a while now.
1Erik: There are hardly any guards, to be exact I can only see two at the easternmost tunnel. That's probably the exit.
2Erik: Those stairs I saw earlier are definitely magimade. It must have been made by someone who is at least as good with earth magic as I am. Maybe even better...
2Erik: There are three stairways. One next to the tunnel we were in a few minutes ago and two on the other end of the hall.
2Erik: Unfortunately this might make our search for the exact location of the box more difficult.
3Erik: I don't see any sailing equipment or a storage, so there is probably another smaller camp somewhere.
3Erik: My guess would be the guarded tunnel. That said, our target is probably in one of those tunnels or upstairs.
3Erik: Based on what we know from TGA, there are three drake nests here and two empty internal chambers and one tunnel leading to the sea.
3Erik: We stumbled upon one nest, and on the map there were two next to each other, so another one is behind us.
3Erik: The central chamber is in front of us, so the three exits are: The exit to the sea, the third drake nest and the other chamber.