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1Erik: And on top of this we still don't know what is upstairs.
1Erik: We should wait until night time.
1Erik: With your skills we should be able to determine which tunnel leads to the drakes.
1Erik: After that we split up and check out the remaining two.
1Anne: Fine. Let's wait.
2Narration: Elsewhere...
2Bernard: So, you say we have guests?
2Gjurd: Yes. Two mages. They disabled an ocean drake in no time.
2Bernard: That's formidable...
2Gjurd: They were at nest B. I tried to follow them but they vanished into thin air somehow within the tunnel. Shall I inform the soldiers?
2Bernard: No. There'd be too much losses for nothing. As soon as you find them again Mia, you and I will take care of them.