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1Mia&Gjurd: Commander Bernard!!
2Bernard: Yeah, yeah, it's me, calm down.
3Bernard: It's about the intruders, and our current situation.
3Mia&Gjurd: !!
3Bernard: You both know our cause very well, and how we are related to the higher ups in Charr. Especially the Bjorn…
3Bernard: Or I should say Björn family.
4Bernard: Originally there are two branches in our family, the Bjorn and the Björn.
4Bernard: While the Björn are the politicians, diplomats, and all things considered the leaders of the family, we Bjorn are soldiers in arms.
4Bernard: It is only because of this connection, that the Crimson Charr Reunification Army can still exist.
5Bernard: While Charr is currently oppressed by Ilial, there are lots and lots to be done to help out our motherland in this situation.
5Bernard: However, if anything were to happen to our connection with the Björn, the situation would be really different.
5Bernard: We could cause more harm than good with our existence. And that is why I must ask both of you something important...