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1Mia: Shit!
1Mia: I'm on my way!!
2Bernard: I'm here in the planning room with Anne White.
2Bernard: Finally... It's about time you youngsters do something too.
2Anne: Say what?
3Bernard: Oh nothing really important. Only your partner, Erik Skera, was just spotted by my men.
3Bernard: You should still consider my offer. Just have a look at them in the drawer.
3Anne: Why would I, this is probably some trick you came up with to get me off guard.
4Bernard: No. The thing is I'm a bit concerned about you, and your partner too.
4Bernard: You're both strong, and if there is a way to solve this without bloodshed I'd be more than happy to find that way.
4Anne: You're plundering innocents like pirates and you say no bloodshed? That's twisted.
4Bernard: The situation of Charr is what's twisted...
4Bernard: And you know it as well, you just don't want to accept it.