↓ Transcript
1Anne: So... Let's see, those arrows are shot by magitools
1Anne: and he couldn't use them at the beginning of our battle, but now he can.
1: *kping* *kping*
1Anne: Hmm...
2: *kping* *kping* *kping* *kping*
2Anne: And... Umm...
2: *kping* *kping*
2Anne: Annoying...
3Anne: Stop it with the goddamn arrows I'm trying to think here!
4Anne: !!
5: *kping*
6: *kping* *kping*
6Anne: He didn't move. Maybe he can't use the arrows unless he is in a certain place within the chamber.
6Anne: That'd explain why he did not use it in the earlier parts of our fight.
6Anne: I think I've got a plan.