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1Anne: Yeah I'm not. You're right.
1Anne: I'll try and tell you everything.
2Erik: Ok. It's not like we'd go anywhere from here. The old man who brought us here will only be here around sunrise, so we still have hours.
3Anne: Hours huh?
3Anne: Well...
3Anne: I killed him... And he was so much like me...
3Anne: He never told me, he didn't even try, he just wanted to make this weird deal, about me looking at the history of Charr and after that deciding whether to fight or not.
3Anne: He couldn't have planned this, it had to be accident, but still...
4Erik: Accident?
4Anne: You do know about my parents. He's the same.
4Anne: It's awful.
4Anne: He lost them, just like I did... No he had it even worse...
4Anne: I feel horrible.