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1Anne: Just think about it. You were troubled by the fact that the box was taken, because it made no sense. Sure it didn't because Dyr was not at war. But what if you knew about a war that is yet to happen and will involve Dyr?
1Anne: Eighty years ago when Ilial and Charr clashed Ilial only won because it had the support of Dyr.
2Anne: Charr Narr and Tarr are all stable countries. If they'd happen to reunite, they'd violate international treaties, but the only ones against this would be Ilial and her allies.
2Anne: And a few infoboxes are more than enough to keep the high nobility of a country in check. That is as good as preventing the country from military actions. If we suppose that Charr, Narr and Tarr are about to be reunified into one country, it all starts to make sense.
3Anne: It is a bit of a long shot, but the Crimson Charr Reunification Army wants the three countries to reunite, so it'd make sense to prepare for the war that is imminent after the reunification.
3Anne: Eighty years ago Ilial only won by a very small margin. Without allies the situation might be different, what's more right now one of the seven archmages is Charrian...
4Erik: This does sound reasonable.
4Erik: As soon as we're back to Dyr we'll report this theory of yours to the higher-ups, they'll know what to do.
5Anne: I can't believe what we found out because of our missions.
5Erik: Yeah.
5Erik: This theory is kinda troubling, but I'm happy that Anne is no longer down. Come to think of it... Her mood changed all of a sudden.
5Erik: Well she always deeply cared for the prosperity of Dyr. It's no wonder that realising such a theory has her fired up...