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↓ Transcript
1Narration: 875 AM, near the Warao Biann border. There’s no war between the two nations.
1Recruiter: Next!
2Recruiter: Next!
3Recruiter: Next!
4Narration: Officially...
4Recruiter: Next!
6Recruiter: Ah, Mr. Ira. I’m afraid this will be a short one.
6Recruiter: I’m happy to hear that you’d want to join the army, and you do look like a crafty young man,
7Recruiter: but someone with such a weak constitution is not fit to be a soldier.
7Recruiter: It’d be a miracle to say the least, however there might just be one way...
8Recruiter: Are you interested?
8Ira: Of course I am! Sign me up!
8Recruiter: Sign? Sure, sign here!